Monday, August 24, 2009

August Update

Its been about a month of building, resizing, rebuilding and of course the continual search for parts. But all-in-all, a pretty successful month of progress!

New this month are:

1) More buildings along Waveland Ave. In fact, only the fire station in the far left corner remains to be built to complete that row of buildings. If you look closely you'll see several spectators behind the windows of those buildings, and they're starting to populate the bleachers as well. I also still need to add "Budweiser" to the building with the red roof.
2) Outfield bleachers structure. All of the structure for the outfield is now complete, with only finishing touches remaining. The green that you see in the photos are the actual benches of the bleachers - they're being added as fast as I can find the right size plate pieces.
3) The field is near completion. I went with the two-tone green for the "fresh mowed" look of an MLB park! It was challenging to create the shape of the diamond and the field out of only square and rectangular bricks - but I'm pleased with the results so far.
4) The dugouts are in. Though I haven't added anything in them or in front of them yet, I'm glad to have them built into the grandstand structure. Stuff like that is actually a harder than it may appear!
5) Second deck is underway. After some testing I think I've found a process for adding the second deck - the suite level, and then on top of that will go the upper deck, and eventually the roof and light towers. The eventual height of the grandstand structure will be about twice the current height of the tallest grandstand element shown in the photos.

I'm certain that I've surpassed the 30,000 brick point - and I'm somewhere very close to $3,000 in total investment (I'm avoiding adding up the receipts!). If you enjoy seeing the photos of this ridiculous but fun project, please leave a note - it makes it easier to keep going during the times that this feels like an impossible task to finish!