Monday, November 30, 2009

November Update

It's been a little while since I posted an update. I took 6 weeks off to complete real estate school (my next hobby) and I also got stalled needing some specific pieces in order to continue. But alas, progress has continued!

The most noticeable addition is Sheffield Avenue, as I'm about 75% done with the buildings and rooftops along that street. I started adding some of the finer details as well - you may notice the billboard, the growing count of days "after championship" or "AC", and the famous Eamus Catuli! banner which is Latin for "move forward young, small bears" (or Go Cubs!).

I'm also making progress on the grandstand, which is the most tedious part of this effort and the one that requires the most pieces. I need mass quantities of dark gray 2x4 bricks and those are hard to come by in bulk. I have added the tunnels that lead up to the grandstand, which are shown here, and on the outside of the 3rd base side I've started to build the outer wall of the stadium.

All in all, this is still a fun project despite how time consuming it has been not only to build (using only photos of the Friendly Confines) but to continue to hunt for the right pieces. Hopefully I'll be done by Spring Training as I have a connection with the Mesa Hohokams and may be able to get it displayed at the stadium at some point.

I'm somewhere north of 50,000 total pieces at this point, and probably just over $3K in total investment. Based on the research I've been doing I should be able to fetch at least three times that when I'm done if I decide to sell it - so that's promising...