Thursday, July 23, 2009

July Update

Since the last update I've moved the project from the kitchen table to a platform that I constructed by laying two pieces of 4'x8' drywall on top of two tables.

Once I did that I was able to outline the entire structure and make quicker progress! Also in July I finally got to attend a game at Wrigley, which provided me with all of the answers to any of the remaining questions I had about any of the stadium details.

So these are the most recent pics to-date. There's an estimated 14,000 pieces now used, and I would estimate the final project will have double that, so I might be closing in on the halfway point where the overall structure is concerned. I'm also somewhere around $2,000 in total cost, but hopeful that the final total will be closer to $3,000 as compared to my initial estimate of $4,000...


  1. HOLY COW!! You are doing a fantastic job. As a lifelong Cubbies fan I've visited Wrigleyville numerous times and this is incredible! Are you keeping details of your design plans? Legos are the greatest toys ever invented!

  2. Thanks! I'm keeping some details of the plans, but I'm really building (and re-building) by sight and I have a bad habit of not documenting many of the modifications I make during and after the process. I agree with you on the Lego comment - this project has been tons of fun!