Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December Update

Thanks to some time off for the holidays, it's been a busy month of building. The most noticeable progress is probably the completion of the field/grass, which allowed me to bring back the ivy from earlier test models, and allowed me to add the players to the field. Chicago is of course in a heated series with St. Louis! I will be adding uniforms to the players, but for now they're staged the way they shipped from Lego - as close to the actual uniforms as I could get (which is not very close at all).

Sheffield Ave. has been expanded - I have one building left to add and one that needs the roof built out further but that will finish it. The infrastructure for the grandstand has also been built up considerably. That's actually the most tedious but is the least dramatic addition. I've also added several hundred more seats to the point that the first deck is almost complete. Keep in mind I have to paint each one green since they don't come that way...

With this month's progress this monstrosity is actually starting to look like Wrigley! It's been fun to take some pics (as shown) from the vantage point of a seat at the park. I think I have it pretty close in most sections so I'm pleased with it to-date.

I estimate that I'm about 70% done at this point (and somewhere up near 70,000 total pieces). Next up is the completion of the first deck, the press box, the second deck, and knocking out the last building and rooftop on Sheffield. I also have a lot more detail to add in some places but that'll likely be last - the baskets in the outfield, detailing the dugouts further, and we're starting to experiment with the lettering on the scoreboard. Yes, I said "we" as my wife is now helping with that section. I don't know if she's caught the spirit of this or if she's just trying to speed it's completion! It's likely a combination of the two.

I'll be busy taking my real estate license exams over the next few weeks, so I likely won't have another update until the end of January or early February. Enjoy!

PS - Some of you have asked about how I could ever move this thing. Fortunately, Lego Wrigley is modular! I included a pic of what it looks like when I pull a section out. This is part of what makes this build so tedious and time-consuming, but I've made it to travel from the start since I don't really know yet what I'll do with it when it's done.


  1. Maybe I missed it, but how did you end up getting the green seats?

    This is really amazing, keep up the great work!

  2. Jason,

    I just stumbled across your blog and I'm really impressed. What you're doing is amazing! I write a blog about the Cubs and Cub-related ephemera, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind being interviewed about your Wrigley Field model for a feature. I'd love to show this to other Cubs fans. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.